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    Montessori classes will be starting from 1st July 2019.and class I to X will also start from 1st July 2019.

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    Upcoming Final Exams schedule, Montessori to Class VIII announced soon.

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Rules and Regulations

This is the start of new session in our school. We all know that to organize our lives, we need to abide by certain rules and regulations.
Students are required to follow the instructions laid down about discipline and uniform strictly.

1. Regularity and punctuality of a student is must. If a student is late, he / she will be issued a late warning and if a student is habitual late comer, he / she will not be allowed to sit in the class room and will be sent back to home.
2. Class work and home work should be submitted on time. Late submission of assignments will not be checked by the concern teachers.
3. No student is allowed to leave during the school hours without a prior written application by parents. The application is to be submitted at the reception. Sick leave is to be supported with a medical certificate.
4. Any electronic device or gadgets, musical instruments or device, mobile phones etc are strictly prohibited within the Academy premises.
5. Students are required to behave in a polite, subtle and sensible manner in the Academy compound. Usage of any kind of abusive language to anyone is not permitted.

1. Cleanliness will be observed strictly i.e. clean and proper uniform, polished shoes, proper hair and nail cuts etc. Uniform violation notice will be issued if this requirement is not met.
2. Mondays and Thursdays are the regular checking days for students. Checking can also be done on any other day as well.
3. Hair dying, Jewelleries and Mehndi are not allowed.
4. It is the duty of every student to keep the school compound clean alongwith their class room.
5. Books and copies should be binded and should be clearly named and labeled for each subject. Tearing off pages from them will not be tolerated.

We, at MIDasia Foundation Academy are not only concerned with your child’s academic progress but also are equally focussed on shaping up their nature and character. We believe in grooming up our students as a complete human being. We are not only strengthening their academic base but also working towards teaching them ethics and values making them as responsible as we can.

Your co-ordination, understanding and help is what we all require. We want you to help us in developing their personality and making them independent and self-possessed.

Inshah Allah, if we work together, we can make a considerable positive change in our students and make them an obedient person and responsible citizen.