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  • Class Announcements
    Montessori classes will be starting from 1st July 2019.and class I to X will also start from 1st July 2019.

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  • Results 2019
    Upcoming Final Exams schedule, Montessori to Class VIII announced soon.

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Aims of the Academy

• We aim to promote equal opportunities for all children.

• We aim to value each child as an individual enabling them to develop a positive self-image.

• We aim to encourage excellent behavior by promoting respect for all through excellent relationships between all stakeholders in our academy.

• We aim to help students develop personal, spiritual and moral values, an understanding of religion and beliefs, tolerance for others and their way of life.

• We aim to make sure that the children receive the greatest possible benefit from their time at MIDasia Foundation Academy and that they achieve their full potential in all areas, appreciating their own achievements and aspirations and those of others.

• We aim to promote enjoyment of learning to the whole academy community, vitally involving parents, to support their children to attend the academy and to strive towards excellence.

• We aim to give our pupils the knowledge and skills relevant to adult life, so as to prepare them for leadership roles.